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"Nava's work has been the gift of exhalation to my mind, body, and soul.  The burdens of living melt in her hands as I am reminded again what it is to feel free.  Her heart for the work is reflected in the transformation.  And for that, I have the deepest gratitude."  Kamille

"Forty years ago I tore the acetabular ligament in my hip joint playing college soccer.  I experienced hip pain and discomfort for thirty-eight of those forty years until meeting Nava.  Her awareness, intuition, and skillful hands have given me the first real and lasting relief I've experienced.  I have found her to be an expert and truly caring practitioner.  I believe you will find no one better at helping you with what you need."  James

"Nava is an intuitive.  She equally uses her being and moves out of the way to bail both physical and psychological pain out into the cosmos.  With her, you will realize that you are in fact healing yourself."  William



"I was joyful yesterday to the point of singing and swinging everywhere, including the halls and elevator.  A great session yesterday.  My body is remembering how sweet it is."  Marline

"Over the last 18 years I have received regular monthly massage from a variety of therapists.  I felt great for a couple days, but the muscle tension would always return in old familiar spots.  I started seeing Nava about 2 years ago for chronic issues related to various injuries and overall stress relief from work and life.  She changed my world.  Nava’s quiet, gentle approach finds the root of where my tensions are stored and she guides my muscles to unwind and release those holding patterns for good.  She creates a safe place to let go of all the built up energy and anxiety that gets trapped, both physically and emotionally.  The results are long lasting and I feel a huge shift in my body and mind after every session.  It’s the most effective bodywork I’ve ever received.  Her passion, wisdom and pure artistry shine through in her work and I’m forever grateful I found her.”  Rebecca

“When I get a session from Nava it feels like she has eight hands instead of two!  It’s the best ever.”  Matilda, age 14


"Nava's work has truly been a blessing to me.  Her special technique and the conscious space that she holds during sessions have a unique way of freeing the body from physical trauma and holding patterns of tension.  I am fortunate to have worked with her on numerous occasions in a series of sessions, which has made a tremendous difference.  She has helped transform my physical state even when that seemed impossible.  I am very grateful to Nava and would highly recommend her work!"  Lisa

"Nava helped me recover my wellness, and my happiness.  I'm tremendously grateful to her."  Maria


"I've been seeing Nava at least once a month for the past three years.  I live an active lifestyle and I can genuinely attribute faster recovery and fewer injuries to my sessions with Nava.  She truly understands her client's needs and works through the body's tension and pain with focused and tailored movements.  As a Trager® practitioner, her sessions guide and encourage the body to move easier.  I'm consistently impressed by Nava's knowledge of the body and what affects overall well-being.  I highly recommend starting a program with her.  You will feel a noticeable difference after your first session, and each one thereafter."  Sebastien


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