May 15, 2020


I am open and seeing clients in person as well as online.  I am happy to continue providing care for clients provided they are free of covid19 symptoms and have not had any known exposure to someone with Covid19 symptoms in the past 14 days. 

Client safety and comfort are a top priority and a necessary condition for effective bodywork.  I encourage clients to weigh their own personal risk level and their comfort level with receiving hands-on treatment at this time.  In addition to treating specific aches and pains, bodywork can help manage stress and tension,  a fundamental strategy for maintaining overall health. 


Heightened hygiene is the norm in my low traffic office: disinfected surfaces after after every client, all linens washed with bleach after every client, attention to ventilating and filtering the office air, and scrupulous monitoring of my own sanitation and health. Clients are welcome to wear a mask during sessions if they prefer and I will wear a mask during the session if appropriate or at the client's request.

I am also available for online movement coaching sessions as a support for home exercise to address and prevent aches and pains and settle the nervous system. These sessions are offered at a reduced rate of $80/hr. Shorter session are possible at a prorated rate. Book online or email me to set something up.

I have a limited number of openings for bodywork sessions at a reduced rate for those whose income has been impacted by the shutdowns. Contact me prior to booking to discuss.

I created the guided meditation below as a support for building our internal resilience for navigating change.

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