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What is Orthopedic Massage Therapy?

Orthopedic Massage Therapy is a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing pain and dysfunction in muscles, soft tissues, and joints. A diversified, integrated approach is far more effective than any single assessment or treatment technique. The pillars of my approach include:

  • Functional movement assessment

  • Sensory and motor control and analysis and integration

  • Structural myofascial assessment and balancing

  • High quality touch and connected, caring hands-on treatment.

What is Personal Mobility Training?

Personal Mobility Training builds on Orthopedic Massage Therapy with systematic, personalized movements and exercises to build strength, flexibility, balance, sensory integration and body awareness.  

I want to help you develop a personalized movement practice: an evolving toolbox of skills and awareness that empowers you to address your own body and situation. 

Who do you work with?

My approach is highly effective for any active person facing nagging joint and muscle pain who takes an active role in their own recovery and is looking for expert hands-on therapy and exercise guidance.

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