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"Bodywork can get us in touch with our present situation, give us a feel for possible alternatives, help us to grasp the forces that form us, put our fingers on the elements that have been missing in our ways of doing things give us a renewed sense of our organic strength and intelligence.  It can be a tremendous catalyst in the assertion of our self-responsibility for much of what we have become and much of what we can become.  It can help us recall that we are living, growing systems, and not just genetic blueprints for engines doomed to begin wearing out the moment that they begin running, that we are an interweaving of processes and not just collections of parts, and that those processes are ultimately open ended and creative, not mechanically deterministic.  It can demonstrate to us that we neither have to collapse before the forces of gravity, disease, and decay, nor exhaust ourselves in a blind struggle against them, that it is possible to enter into active relationships with these forces, to match their insidiousness with our own cleverness, and to live a very satisfactory life in the midst of their threatening waves.  It can give us clues about how to disentangle ourselves from widening vicious circles that threaten to engulf us because of our own unwitting compliance.  It can be instrumental in putting a large measure of our lives back into our own hands.”


- from Job’s Body by Dean Juhan -

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