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Yesterdays session was very spot on. I feel SO aligned from head to toe. As the evening progressed I could feel my body settling in to the new alignment and tension continuing to release throughout the evening. C1-C2 is definitely in place and I didn't' feel like I wanted to flop my head to the left when I was sleeping. I also noticed when I was driving home after my session that even my left eye/pupil/eyebrow area didn't have the tension it normally does. Interesting. My shoulder/neck/hips/legs and feet also feel better. So it was a great full body balancing!!!  ~ Marissa

Sam, my last visit, you stretched my hip, allowing my sacrum to go back into its neutral place. A week after our last sesdion, My tendons settled down, and I was cured! THANK YOU. This was the 4th or 5th time my sacrum has gone out of its neutral position. I am not sure why the physiatrist, PT and chiropractor did not properly diagnose me.Thank you Sam! Kurt

Thank you, Thank you, Sam. I was told over and over by other doctors that my shoulder injuries would be with me always, that my range of motion would always be limited. Within a couple of months of working with you, I am amazed and delighted to report that there is no pain and I have complete range of movement. It's as if the the injury never happened.  ~ Marie


Sam listened carefully to me about the issue I wanted help with, then listened carefully to the tissue as he gave focused and purposeful massage in that area. His sense of the "right" pressure and speed for fascial release was excellent, and I left feeling like my area of request had been thoroughly addressed. More importantly, I felt a lot of relief from the tension and ache I came in with.  ~ Pat

Sam is what one would call " a body whisperer". He observes how one moves , doesn't move or should move and patiently works to obtain some correct movement and lessen any pain. A true professional. ~ Anonymous

If what you do came in a bottle, the DEA would want to regulate it.  ~ Very Relaxed Client

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