State of Washington Licensed Massage Therapist

Intraoral Endorsement

License #MA60433575


Major Training Influences

Biodynamic Craniosacral Certification Program with Pat O'Rourke - 260 hours.

            Includes, viscreral, intraoral and nervous system approaches.

Milne Institute for Visionary Craniosacral Work - current student

Postural Restoration Institute - PRI​​​

        200+ hours advanced biomechanics,

          postural sensory integration,

          neuromuscular retraining   

Four Winds Massage - Dawn Schmidt  Structural Decompression Mentorship

            Subtle myofascial techniques

Other Training

Discoverypoint School of Massage

  Professional Massage Program 

National Academy of Sports Medicine  Certified Personal Trainer 

Barral Institute - Visceral Manipulation

Anatomy In Motion with Gary Ward

          Advanced biomechanics 

Functional Movement Systems - FMS

           SFMA Certified Level 1 and 2

           FMS Certified Level 1 and 2

           Foundational Strength Kettlebell Correctives

Neurokinetic Therapy - NKT  Level 3

Trager Approach with Deane Juhan

Institute of Structural Medicine  250 hours of training in Structural Integration

Nirvana Yoga  200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Center for Mindful Body Awareness  Bodywork for Trauma

Classes with Joe Rodin on TMJ treatment and osteopathic techniques. 

Stretch to Win Institute - FST Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1


Northwest School of Structural Therapy  Ligament Stimulation 

Rocktape - Kinesiology Taping 


Stretch Therapy with Kit Laughlin


Yoga workshops with Leslie Kaminoff, Ana Forest, and Todd Norian